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State : All State,

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Andheri East - Mumbai I'm looking forward to buy a small steel plant in Maharashtra. The vendor is asking for 3.5 crores for complete sale of business and leased property. Please note that I don't want any money from you but only the partnership as a sleeping partner if you have annual turnover of 4-5 crores for the last 5 years. The private financial institution has already approved the loan but they wont give complete loan to me based on my present income. Therefore, I'm looking for a sleeping business partner with an annual business turnover of 4-5 crores to join with me in the partnership deed to get the loan. Please note you will not be partner in the profit or loss of the business and you will not be paid any remuneration from the company. Once the loan is approved, you m you must terminate the partnership within 3-6 months upon mutual agreement. You will be paid 10 lacs maximum for just helping us in getting the loan. If you have any query then please let me know.

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