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This is Li-Italio Garment Industries. We are the leading Manufacturer of 100% Pure Cotton Casual & Formal Shirts. You can become our Distributor in Low Investment. Guaranteed earning of 20% as a Distributor and 40% as a Retailer. Complete Sales Support Provided. How you can sell your inventory, how to find customers, these all things will be provided by us. Minimum Order: - 500 Pieces. Investment Required: - 1. For Product: - Rs. 1,50,000/- (500 Pieces). 2. For marketing: - Rs. 30,000/- for one year. 3. Miscellaneous Expenses: - Rs. 20,000/- (Variable) i.e. Warehouse, Marketing Executive Salary etc. Product Description: - ITEM SHOULD BE ORDERED IN FIRST STAGE: - Casual Shirts Slim Fit In Size S, M, L, XL, XXL< r /> Formal Shirts Regular Fit In Size S, M, L, XL, XXL (Multiple shades may be provided as per requirement if possible) COST OF MANUFACTURING: - Rs.225/- to Rs. 250/- SELLING PRICE BY MANUFACTURER: - Rs.270/- to Rs.300/- SELLING PRICE BY DISTRIBUTOR: - Rs.325/- to Rs.360/- SELLING PRICE BY RETAILER: - Rs.390/- to Rs.430/- MRP: - Rs.799/- HOW DOES OUR DISTRIBUTORS GET RETAILERS AND CUSTOMERS: - 1. Quikr 2. Indiamart 3. Personal Marketing 4. Amazon, Flipkart etc. Profit we expect: - 10 to 20% Profit our Distributors can expect: - 10 to 20% Profit our Retailers can expect: - 10 to 20% As a retailer if our Distributors sell these products on Amazon or Flipkart they should expect 20 to 40% profit margin. If you are interested then call us to know more.

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