State : All State
City : Mumbai

State : All State,
City : Mumbai

Details :

Looking for:​Investment
State:​Maharashtra City:​Mumbai
Approx number of customers: 90
Nature of organization:​Pvt. Ltd. Organization
Establishment year:​2009
Staff size: 14
Office:​Currently They have offices in Mumbai and Delhi/NCR
Reason for Investment:​Expansion

General Information
Established in 2009, the company is a technology-enabled, unique online exams/assessment services provider with end to end solutions. Their services aim to address online registration, preparations, exams/assessments, instant scoring and recruitment for the corporate, Govt Authorities, large education content providers and skill development platforms. The platform in its entirety is a hosted solution enabling 24/7 delivery from anywhere, hosted at Tier-4 data centers complete with full disaster recovery and BCP solution. They have offices in Delhi/NCR & Mumbai, which is managed and advised by professionals with IIT/IIM backgrounds. Their current client base includes internationally recognized universities, professional colleges, and companies.

Currently, the company has created a network of associated Test Centers across the country with seat capacity in excess of 1,00,000. The company has won multiple contracts with
several PSU, academic Institutions and Corporate for conducting various kinds of examinations
Employee Information
Total number of employees:
● Full Time: 14
● Part Time (Contractual): 122
Key Personnel Categorization :
Managing Director:
● More than 22 years of experience in the IT industry
● Previously served as the Delivery Head of Digital Engagement at Cognizant Technologies
● Has extensive experience in Government and Public Sector domains
● MBA from Faculty of Management Studies, BHU and BE (Mechanical Engineering) from MMMUT

Director 1:
● Has more than 21 years of experience in various across-functional roles in the IT industry
● Previously served as the Head – Government Business at FINO, also worked with Infosys, CA Technologies, Sapient Technologies and NIIT Technologies
● Responsible for building C-level relationships, strategic direction & new business development
● He has a MBA from IIM Lucknow and B.E. (Electrical Engg) from MMMUT

Director 2:
● More than 22 years of experience Sales and Operations of large scale IT companies
● Previously, worked as the General Manager and Regional Head at Tulip Telecom
● Headed the complete operations with a team of Sales and Support engineers across India for large-scale infrastructure deployments

Head of Technology:
● More than 11 years of experience in leading and managing complex IT programs
● Unique ability to understand the customer perspective while focusing on technological solutions
● Previously, he worked at Cognizant Technologies where he led across-location teams for developing e-Commerce solutions
● B. Tech (Electronics and Communications) from ITM, UP Technical University

Financial Information
Revenue and Profitability 2015 - 2016 2016 - 2017 2017 -2018 2018 -2019 2019 -2020 (Projected)
Revenue 57 Lakhs 1 Crore 1.38 Crores 4.08 Crores 8 Crores
Gross Profit Margins 57.79 Lakhs 42.55 Lakhs 82.13 Lakhs 2.07 Crores 4.96 Crores
Net Profit Margins 6.14 Lakhs 0.81 Lakhs 11.12 Lakhs 76.45 Lakhs 2.41 Crores
EBITDA Margins 6.29 Lakhs 0.81 Lakhs 11.94 Lakhs 77.66 Lakhs 2.57 Crores

Quantify & Elaboarate Details :

1. Cost Effective & Efficient: The services provided enable cost effective, secure and efficient examination Services
2. Capacity: Expansive and growing network of test centers across India with a seating capacity of more than 1,00,000
3. Foresight: The company's focus is constantly on the next generation of IT capabilities for Online Examination Services.
4. Execution: The company emphasizes on the optimum use of modern technology to provide end to end examination solutions.

Market Opportunities
1. Recruitment Industry
India is currently the largest provider of global workforce and is expected to become the largest skilled manpower provider by 2030, with a gross skilled manpower of ~250 mn
2. Test Prep / Mock Tests
Test prep/Mock test industry forms 18% (US$320mn) of the total examination/assessment industry, which has an expected average growth rate of 40- 50% YoY.
3. Assessments & Certifications
Assessments & Certification space is the largest segment in the Examinations industry, which contributes to ~50% of the overall revenue size – sizing to a massive US $1 Bn
4. Competitive Exams

According to EY, India has become a regional hub for higher education, with its GER (Gross Enrolment Ratio) augmented to 50%, while reducing disparity in GER across states Here are a few facts that defines the Education industry and co-relates to Examination industry Overall education spend in India was ~US$ 100 billion in 2016 and is expected to nearly double to US$ 144 billion by 2020.The total spend in this segment is around US$9bn per year for general (non-technical) higher education and US$10bn per year for technical/ professional education

Industry Segments Served
Entrance Examinations:
Competitive entrance exams and university exams are recurring and highly scalable. Target to complete 70,000 entrance tests by 2020
Recruitment Exams :
Recruitment exams for PSU and Governmental enterprises. Expected to reach 270,000 tests by FY20.
Assessments :
Targets skill development initiatives for Governmental and competitive assessments for large corporations. Goal to achieve 400,000 assessments by FY2020

Certifications :
Niche/specialized certifications courses offered by institutions targeted.
Test Preparations :
Value for education content, management companies & exam coaching players . Expected to achieve 350,000 tests by FY2020
Transformation of Offline Exams :
Solutions range from digital evaluation of written tests to automated merit list creation

List of Products
Online registration Solution:
● Web based candidate registration process automation application
● User Friendly & Smooth process for Application submission and registration
● Can be used as a standalone application or can be paired with parent platform
● Faster turnaround of registration process
Remote Proctoring Solution :
● Remote proctoring through live video/audio feed, integrated assessment solution
● Live Chat, Proctor controlled exam system. Higher cost efficiency.
● Largely viable for non-itical flexi-time geographically distributed assessments
● Automation of distant learning programs and self study programs
Online Platform:
● Deliver exams in centralized or geographically scattered locations
● Capable of linear/adaptive exams. Confidentiality & Transparency
● Process & publish results immediately. Supports arithmetic & scientific operations
● Completely hosted and managed solutions & multilingual
“‘Kapso Business Services Private Limited is a business broking service provider and acts as an intermediary between the buyer and seller. The information provided on this document is
given by the respective information provider and he/she shall be held liable for the degree of accuracy if ever contested.”
Online Merit registry :
● Bulk uploads of candidate data and marks for written exams and GD/Interviews
● Rule based engine to enable institutions to create meril list of candidates
● Completely transparent & reliable selection process, free from errors
● Configuration of rules for evaluation,bulk uploads of candidate data and scores.
Mobile Based application :
● Low cost easy to use solution for regular assessments
● Proctor/Proctor less skill assessments
Client Information
Number of customers per year: 90
Client retention is around:​90-95%

Valuation and Funding
1. Expected Valuation for Investment:​45 crores
2. Methodology used for Valuation:​Weighted Average of Discounted Cash Flow ,
Market Multiple and Net Asset Value Methodologies
3. Investment Requirement: 6 Cr. for an equity stake of 13.33% share holding
Reason for Investment: The company already has a pipeline of ~4Cr in the coming year and
intends to add more inorganically. For the next phase of roll out of its services and gaining
scale through organic and inorganic means the company intends to partner with a strategically
complementing platform and raise ~INR 6Cr for:
CAPEX, hiring quality resource & operational expense till break even – 1Cr
Working Capital and Ad/Marketing/Campaigns/Promotions – 5Cr
Pending lawsuits/conflicts: N/A

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