State : All State
City : Pune

State : All State,
City : Pune

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Greetings from Ultratech solar Technologies Pvt. ltd.

Leading solar water heater company Required Dealer & Distributor......

Best Quality Solar Water Heater!!!!

Welcome to Ultratech Solar Technologies (P) Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2008 certified Company) family.

Thank you for choosing us and we assure you to satisfied service and energetic hot water every day.

With the experience of last 3-4 years we come to conclude that, there is need of an organization that works for the quality & customer satisfaction. We are i.e. "Ultratech Solar Technologies (P) Ltd. (An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company)" now giving high standards of quality & customer satisfaction.

We i.e. "Ultratech Solar Technologies (P) Ltd. (An
ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company)" serving you with the mission of Making Clean & Green India with Satisfied Citizens i.e. our valuable Customers.

We are delivering special and international quality products, having high standard and efficiency.

We are serving you by brand UtsEco International in solar Industry with ETC Solar Water Heater.

The Ultratech Solar Technologies (P) Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2008 certified Company) ETC system work on a black body Heat Absorption Principle. The principle state that black color absorbs maximum heat, more than any other color.

Working Principal:

Non- Pressurized evacuated tube solar water heater works on the natural circulation of water between solar collector tubes & water tank as thermosymphon system. As water in the vacuum tube is heated, it rise naturally in to the storage tank, at the same time cold water in tank flow down to the vacuum tube, causing circulation throughout the thermosymphon system.

Features/Benefits/Key Points:

*Inner tank is made in food grade surgical steel which is used in marine applications. To kept system rust free & longer life.

*High quality PUF insulated inner tank maintains hot water more than 72 hours.

*Drain pipe to clean inner tank easily at home.

*Special quality assistant tank controls mixing of hot & cold water. Assistant tank increases life of system.

*No need of additional air vent, which save plumbing expenses.

*7 years real & unconditional guarantee for inner tank which not depends on water hardness.

*Also provide electric backup connection.

*Special quality 3T standard solar tube of solar water heater gives better performance in cloudy and winter days. Water heating is faster due to efficient 3T technology of tubes.

*Leakage free modern non-welding technology for inner tank. Used press & fold technology which kept system rust & corrosion free.

*Solar Water Heater with Electric Backup Heater.

*Easy to Installation.

Technical Specification:

Sr. No. Description Specification

1. Evacuated Tube Length: 1800mm

2. Evacuated Tube Outer Diameter: 58mm

3. Evacuated Tube Inner Diameter: 47mm

4. Storage Tank Diameter: 480mm

5. Storage Tank Volume : 100LPD/150LPD/200LPD/250LPD/300LPD

6. Inner Tank Material : Food Grade Surgical Stainless Steel

7. Outer Tank Material: Powder Coated

8. Tank Insulation : High quality PUF 50mm

9. Method of Bonding: Non-Welding Technology

10. Fasteners Type : Stainless Steel

11. Grommets Type : Silicon Washers

12. Circulation Type: Thermosyphon

13. Type of Inlet Water Filing : Using gravity feeding tank/assistant tank

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